Reference Articles

“Joe Brainard.” American Writers Supplement XXVII. Ed. Jay Parini. New York: Scribner, 2016.

A critical introduction to the life and work of Joe Brainard (1941–1994), the polymath artist, illustrator, and author. The article focuses in particular on Brainard’s work as a writer, an aspect of his career that has new salience following the publication of the Collected Writings of Joe Brainard by the Library of American in 2013.

Public Scholarship, Essays, and Reviews

“‘I Need You to Check Your Eyes’: Alex Dimitrov Gets Intimate.” Review of Together and By Ourselves by Alex Dimitrov. Los Angeles Review of Books, 17 May 2017. 
“Aaron Goldsman on Tommy Pico.” The Operating System. 26 April 2017. 

An essay on the work of contemporary poet Tommy Pico, with a focus on his recent book-length poem, IRL (Birds, LLC, 2016). The essay was published as part of the Operating System’s annual NaPoMo 30/30/30, a series that celebrates National Poetry Month by soliciting 30 essays by 30 writers on 30 different poets worth reading.

Digital Projects

Networking the new american poetry

Conceived by Lisa Marie Chinn, Brian Croxall, and Rebecca Sutton Koeser, Networking the New American Poetry (NNAP) is a collaboration between the Emory Center for Digital Scholarship (ECDS) and the Raymond Danowski Poetry Library. Comprising over 10,000 bibliographic data points drawn from  12 postwar little magazines—complete runs of which are held by the Danowski Library—NNAP is a powerful resource for scholars of postwar U.S. experimental poetics. In addition to making available complete bibliographic data on each of the publications included in the project, NNAP also provides a data visualization tool that allows researchers to see in new and often surprising ways the vast web of connections linking different postwar poets, editors, and periodicals.

I worked as a researcher on the project in 2015, and look forward to developing it further as Visiting Assistant Curator of the Danowski Library.